Musings on Moving (Nashville Here We Come)


Life comes at you fast, but in my experience, a cross-country move comes at you faster. Before we know it, we’ll be packed and Nashville-bound.

We were never planning to stay in the Bay Area long-term, but we also weren’t planning on moving after just two years. It’s a time of change and sadness and excitement all rolled into one, but because of the turns life has taken, getting to spend time with our families is the most important thing.

Every day I have to remind myself that we’ve only been here for 24 short months. Coming here involved starting from scratch in so many ways, and calling it a difficult adjustment would be a short-sell. But I made it through, and while I’m feeling some trepidation about doing it all over again, I can’t imagine any move could be more difficult than the one we’ve already done.

The best way I’ve found to describe a move of this caliber is like having A Big Scary Thing ahead of you on the road, but you can’t tell exactly what it is until you’re very close — then suddenly you have to grab everything you own and go to it. Because we keep things pretty minimal, there’s not much pre-packing we can do, and because we’re moving somewhere so far, all the things like house hunting and car hunting have to be done virtually or after we arrive. So as we count down the days until it’s time, we just have to focus on eating all our heaviest pantry foods and hope everything else will fall into place.

Until then, I’m just trying to focus on not losing too much brain space on obsessive research about everything under the sun. And getting Bird used to her harness for our cross-country drive — that’s quite the challenge as well.

Amanda McDowellComment