What I'm Loving | 11/11/2018


One full week of the Daylight Savings Time rollback and has meant one full week of me getting ridiculously tired at 8 PM. It’s the time of year when I increase my daily tea consumption by tenfold just to stay awake ‘til a decent hour.

Yesterday I competed in my second climbing competition and I am so. sore. It wasn’t at my home gym and was at one in the city that is much more difficult. I’ll do a full writeup later — for now I’m going to spend some quality time with the foam roller.

Here’s what else I’m loving lately:

Reading :: The Year of Living Danishly provided a balanced overview of Danish culture. It asked the tough questions to get to the root of their happiness, but also didn’t brush over unpleasantries such as -20C and 2 hours of daylight each winter. The real question is how can anyone be happy in those kinds of conditions? I’m unsure, but the Danes do it well. Next up, Exit West. I had high hopes for this book — Obama personally recommends it, after all. The prose was top tier and beyond striking, with the phrasing of descriptors being awe-inspiring beyond my dreams. I got sucked into the beginning and stayed that way for the first third of the book, but after that things seemed to slow down. I think in part because the beginning was so stellar and I didn’t feel that was followed up on throughout the remainder of the novel. I did, however, think that the book added a unique and holistic perspective to the refugee experience, and the magical realism which came as a noteworthy surprise. I still recommend this one even if just for the phrasing alone, but the end might take a bit of powering through to be satisfying. I moved on to Self Help by Lorrie Moore — NOT a self-help book, but instead a short story collection with instructions on matters such as “How To Be an Other Woman” and “How to Become a Writer”. SUCH a fantastic collection. Ms. Moore’s tone is both refreshing while paying homage to the classic influences of literary tone. I’m now on The Autobiography of Malcolm X which has been on my shelf for so long! I find that autobiographies tend to be a bit slow to start and this is no exception, but I’m interested to see where it leads.

Spare Time :: I had to go away for a conference at the beginning of the week, so I’ve been trying to spend extra time with Rusty since I’ve been back. He has been like velcro but the Camp Fire has made it difficult to get out of the house, so we’ve both been feeling a bit cooped up. We’ve been playing a lot of stairway fetch and utilizing his puzzle toys, but poor boy just wants to go sniff stuff again.

Etcetera :: I finally saw The Hate U Give film adaptation this week — read this book and see this movie. I read the book a few months ago and was blown away. It’s written for a young adult audience and the author did an amazing job of distilling some of the biggest issues facing us today (racism, inherent bias, and the “on both sides” arguments) into digestible prose that doesn’t overwhelm you with the world’s problems. The film adaptation is a bit different from the book, but I believe they did an excellent job making use of the time they were allowed to convey the most important messages. Highly, highly recommend.