What I'm Loving | 11/04/2018


It’s election week! If you haven’t voted early/voted by mail, make a point to get to the polls on Tuesday. Here’s a great guide on what to do if you’re turned away at the polls and a resource on polling places and hours near you. Regardless of political beliefs, it’s important that our voices are heard in the midterms — these are our policy makers, our bill passers, and our local legislators, and they can only work for the people if the people speak up.

Here’s what else I’m loving lately:

Reading :: I think last week’s look at After I Do was as comprehensive as I could be, despite not having it finished at the time of writing. The ending didn’t bring out any revelations that I didn’t expect as a reader, but if you look past its borderline-fluff nature it still holds its own as an interesting read. Next was The Incendiaries — I do not have the words to describe how awestruck I was by this book. The dialogue, premise, and structure are all unique, and every sentence comes together to form a beautiful piece of art. One of my favorites of the year. I’m now working on The Year of Living Danishly. Personally I’ve been feeling burnt out/worn down lately, so this is a little ray of sunshine for me. While the easy answer is “okay I’ll just move to Denmark to be happier” I’m hoping to find some nuggets of happiness I can add to my own life instead of moving across the globe.

Spare Time :: I have been writing and reading and writing and reading. And climbing. Really, not anything too exciting over here — just trying to lean in to the things that make me feel like my best self to combat this fatigue I’m feeling.

Etcetera :: Has anyone tried light therapy for the wintertime? I know Daylight Savings Time JUST happened but the shorter days are already starting to get to me. I already take 100% of the recommended Vitamin D dosage, so it seems like light therapy might be my next step.