What I'm Loving | 10/28/2018


Halloween is almost here! I always welcome the holiday, but I do wish we could suspend October to just last a smidge longer. No matter how many pumpkin dishes I make and fall activities I do, I always wish we could somehow prolong the experience. The leaves still fall and the air is still chilled throughout November, but there’s a magic October holds that can’t be replicated. It’s a month of perfect weather, vibrant colors, and near-ideal photography lighting all month long — it really is a beautiful thing.

Here’s what else I’m loving lately:

Reading :: I so enjoyed the concept of Behold The Dreamers, but overall, the novel fell somewhat flat for me. There was a lot of unnecessary background and the writing lacked the compelling tone of something that really pulls you in. However, it was (from what I understand) an accurate portrayal of the immigration experience in the US, and if reading this book can make its audience more empathetic to that, I would absolutely recommend it be read. I’m now on After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Read. This book is in the dreaded “chick lit” category, but it has enough meat to it that it’s an exemplar of how decent the genre could be. Protagonist wants to be in love, love isn’t working, she tries unconventional ways of fixing it — it’s not a book that will change the world. BUT —  this is a big but and why I would still recommend the book — amidst the fluff is a lot of wisdom, an in-depth analyses of what makes relationships tick, and some incredible phrasing which I’m a sucker for. I haven’t finished yet but I am sold on figuring out what will happen next, and sometimes that’s all a novel needs to do.

Spare Time :: I started my short story class this week! It’s always scary for me to try something new, but I think I’ll really enjoy this process and learn a lot about my writing capabilities. Our class is diverse in age, race, and gender which was a pleasant surprise, and I think it will be a wonderful place for me to improve. Plus, we have homework and I’ve SO missed having writing homework.

Etcetera :: When it comes to money, I’ve always been pretty decent at building up a savings. I’ve been better at it at certain points in my life than others, but I’ve tried to make a point to always consistently put money back. However, my savings is a “do not touch” zone, which makes it difficult to allocate money for splurges vs. savings for life circumstances. I’ve started using an app called Qapital to help with that and it is SO FUN. You don’t have to get their debit card, and can instead just use their core product with accounts you already have. You set up savings goals tied to dollar amounts and then use “rules” to put money back. So for example, I set up a goal for a new pair of workout leggings, and made all the rules pertain to hitting my daily exercise goals with my Apple Watch. Then the money gets drafted out of my main checking account into a fund that only lives in Qapital, and  can transfer the money back and use it whenever I’m ready. It’s technically just saving money you already have, but done in small — much easier to stomach than having $100 go from your account to lululemon all at once.