What I'm Loving | 10/7/2018


We’re finally, finally, finally almost done with the bed frame. Our weekend project has turned into a month-long project and I can’t wait to be done with it. Because we don’t have a designated “work space” pulling everything out of the garage is a process on its own, making setting aside time to work on it even more cumbersome. Hopefully, today will be the day everything finally comes together.

Here’s what I’m loving lately:

Reading :: I’ll admit that I underestimated All We Ever Wanted a little bit — once I moved past the italics, there was more meat to the story than I thought there would be. Not my favorite and not the best-written novel I’ve read to date, but it was an interesting look at how different types of people handle the same unfortunate circumstances with vastly differing outlooks. I’m moving on to French Exit next. It’s a rarity for me to purchase a book this close to its publication date, but I had a good feeling about this one.

Spare Time :: I’ve decided to take the GRE (eventually), and I’ve been shocked to find how little of my math knowledge is coming back. I am all over the vocabulary prompts, but I’ve had to Google like mad to even get through the quantitative practice problems. I think it’s trite to make a blanket statement about being bad at math here, but I certainly struggle with it more than other subjects.

Etcetera :: I’m three years behind, but I’ve finally garnered an interest in the Serial podcast. I’m not a very “true crime” person, but I am fascinated with the litigation process. I didn’t like Season Two much, but Season One got me hooked quickly and Season Three is shaping up to be my favorite so far.