What I'm Loving | 9/23/2018

Portland, here we come! You know how Southwest sends those flash sales emails and you wish you could be spontaneous and just book a trip like that? Well that’s what we did! We’re going next month so it’s not 100% spur of the moment, but the countdown is on. It’s been so long since I’ve planned a trip I barely remember how. 😬

Her'e’s what I’m loving lately:

Reading :: The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living was simple, predictable, & pleasant. It wasn’t earth shattering, but it was an easy and enjoyable read overall. Next was Maybe In Another Life which was emotional and impactful, to say the least. I’ve never read a novel with parallel timelines before and thought that was a unique take, as well as being the perfect way to show the reader just how much can change from a simple decision. It certainly made me think about fate and whether or not everything actually does happen for a reason. I’m now reading The Marriage of Opposites which I picked out on a whim. Not my typical read but enjoyable thus far all the same.

Spare Time :: We’re building a bed frame! Our current one is the first of our cheap furniture that needs an upgrade — I tossed a sweatshirt onto it from a distance yesterday and it made it squeak, to give you an idea. While I have no grand illusions of becoming a woodworker, this has been a fun project and I’m hoping we can get it finished up this week.

Etcetera :: I’ve learned a lot of scary things about the candle industry recently so I’ve been looking for safe alternatives. I found the Mrs. Meyer’s seasonal collection and I’m convinced that these are some of the best candles out there. I got all 3 of the fall scents and I’m hoping they’ll release some Christmas ones too!