Happy Fourth!


Wednesday holidays are so strange! No one knows whether to celebrate before, after or the day of — which of course, my vote would be all three.

I say that, but in reality, we have a very low-key day planned. We'll be hitting up the REI Fourth of July sale to get camp-ready and maybe doing outdoors nearby. I want to be sure to be home with the pets in case the fireworks get crazy and the beaches are still freezing so that rules just about every typical activity out, and I'm actually thrilled we don't have much planned!

Whatever we end up doing, a peach cobbler will be involved. I signed up for Imperfect Produce which I LOVE, and I was able to get some delish peaches for a delish price. If you live in an area they service, I highly recommend signing up (and I think I have a discount code!).

In other news, we got a Subaru! She's a bit old ('96!) and I was scared at first, but now that a few days have passed without any major problems I am THRILLED. I forgot what a luxury it was to just be able to get in the car and go, and now we have something suited for all of our adventures.

Aside from that, I don't have too many updates — and I'm sure everyone is busy today anyhow! Go fourth and enjoy your Fourth!