A Check-In With Bird


In the new doggie commotion, I realized it may have seemed like Bird has taken a back seat in my life. I promise she's still getting just as many pets, treats, and attention as she was before — maybe even more treats as she tends to make Rusty share.

When asked what she thinks of her new brother, she glances my way briefly and continues to groom her front right paw. I assume this means she's okay with the change because she knows she's still the queen of the castle. While we have become a unified family,  Bird is still the only one with unrestricted bed privileges which I think has solidified her status as head of the household...now if only she could claim me on her taxes.

Bringing any new animal the mix will disrupt the family dynamic a bit. However, with the right amount of training and patience, it can be a rewarding experience all around. Bird is no stranger to new people, many animals, and more moves than are recommended for cat owners, but I think that's exactly what's made her such a wonderful companion.

Above all else, I would describe Bird as resilient. She loves her mom, her catstle, and even loves #1 cat dad a little, too. As long as she has those things and plenty of treats, I think she can tackle most things. I don't imagine she'll ever be an adventure cat, but she handles new people, loud noises, and dogs with patience and grace. She's flown on a plane, jumped off a balcony, and shown countless people who "don't like" cats that cats are actually pretty cool. Granted, she also spent a week in hiding when Rusty came home and runs away from the coconut oil container (still haven't figured that one out), but ultimately she's a pretty calm gal, and a pretty great one, too.

An overwhelmingly high number of people asked me why in the world I wanted a cat (haters!), but I realized that not a lot of people have ever been around cats long enough to get to know their dynamic personalities and fun little quirks.

Cats teach you about the way that we love — and the way we project our needs and desires onto the animals that we care for. Instead of loving a cat the way you want to love it, you have to do so in the way it needs to be loved — something I think that everyone could learn a little bit more about. 

So overall, Bird is doing very well...right now she's eating a stray pasta noodle out of the sink, but overall, she's well. Our lives have shifted, but she's still my #1 baby gal raccoon bff loaf nugget, and even though she can never understand that the flies are on the OTHER SIDE of the window and that 4 AM is not the best time to hang out, she's still a wonderful companion.