Have Dog, Will Travel


We've still got a few things to do to the Suub before we can really start traveling, but in my mind I'm already ready to go. We finally found a campsite that wasn't booked until October (only for one night, but still), and we'll be planning a trip to Tahoe once we have a good idea of when the snow will be in full force.

I've been having the restless feeling that comes as things are on the horizon but don't appear to be drawing closer — for now I'm trying to focus on what we need to do to get there, but I wish I could just go have fun already.

To combat this uninspired restlessness (and plan ahead for the inevitable booking madness), I've been doing research like crazy to decide what locations we should make a priority! Below are the top four on my list:

- Yosemite. This place is so incredibly gorgeous! I've heard horror stories about trying to get in on a weekend, but I've heard from a few locals that a mild February is the best time to go as it's a low travel month.

- Big Sur. Just about 2 hours away, Big Sur is a sprawling park that features hiking, beaches, and mountains. Camping is all booked up here, but there are some spots where you can stay directly on the ocean that we'll be trying to score next year.

- Tahoe. Known for its skiing, many people don't realize that Lake Tahoe has stuff to do year-round. I know a few people who have gone this summer to float around, hike, and generally enjoy the scenery. Once again, the camping is all booked up, but we'll hit the slopes this winter and plan a summer camping trip next year for sure!

- Joshua Tree. It's a bit of a drive from the Bay Area, but the scenery at Joshua Tree is like no other. All of the camping here is first come, first served, which is a bit discouraging for a 9 hour drive. However, there are plenty of things I'd like to check out in that half of California, so this might get rolled into a bigger trip with alternative sleeping arrangements if possible.

If you're familiar with California camping, I would love any site recommendations or tips you could throw my way!

Amanda McDowellComment