Everyday Activity Goals


It's been awhile since I've talked about my daily activity regimen (about half a year, in fact!) and since moving and getting a pup it has changed a lot.

Our old apartment was SO dark, I felt like I needed to go on walks just so I didn't become a recluse. After moving somewhere with floor-to-ceiling windows, I feel that urge a lot less because I'm already getting exposed to natural light. Between some not great weather and already having sunshine exposure, I was honestly in an activity rut for our first few weeks here. Now that the weather is perfect again and we've adopted a dog, everything has changed!

I'm getting so much more activity in now, and it's barely felt like work. Even though he's no puppy and doesn't need a ton of exercise — I'm not even sure he even likes how much we've been exploring — we still go on a several block walk 3-4 times a day and we've been going on hikes every weekend. My Apple Watch just keeps bumping up my daily Move target up!

We also live in a much more walkable/bikeable location overall — the gym is a 5-minute bike and the local market is 6. So instead of having to drive literally everywhere to get anything done, there are a lot more options for what I can do on foot.

Although I am walking WAY more, I have been doing formal workouts less. I took a "Walking for Fitness" class in college so I know it has great benefits, but I do think it's important to keep variety in a fitness plan! I've still been keeping up with my climbing, but my home yoga practice has suffered tremendously. I did a quick, 10-minute practice the other day and it felt SO GOOD — I'm definitely going to make that a priority again moving forward. While I've been feeling good overall, I can tell my muscles are starting to get tighter again from not being stretched out!

I'm still in a place where I feel good, active and healthy (and I'm eating more veggies than ever!), but per usual, I feel like I could be doing more. I don't know if anyone ever feels like they're truly doing enough, but I certainly succumb to high self-expectations — especially when it comes to workouts! As my activity goals keep rising I'm just going to have to keep doing more, so I guess my never satisfied attitude is a good one to have!