Memorial Day Weekend Updates


I hope everyone is having a wonderful long weekend! I know in most places the summer weather is already in full swing, but the Bay Area is quite behind. Even in the normally sunny and warm East Bay, we've been hitting mid-sixties and partly cloudy at most. We're still planning on getting out some today and tomorrow of course — dogs make that a non-negotiable, really. 😅

Instead of giving a traditional "What I'm Loving" post, I thought it might be fun to do a general life updates excerpt today. Just some random things that have been going on lately around my world!

- Crate training: ...has been a doozy. Despite the sweet boy being an angel and loving his crate for the first week, he's decided he's comfortable vocalizing about his hatred of 5 AM. We're working very diligently to stop it ASAP, but boy is it exhausting.

- Costco membership: OMG. The deals! The hot dogs! It's slightly different than I thought it would be — we can't get all of our nonperishables there because we found quite a few things that ours didn't stock. However, for the things we were able to buy the savings were huge.

- In-N-Out Shirts: Since moving to California, I've always thought I'd like an In-N-Out shirt in an objective sense. They have one or two styles available at each restaurant, which I thought was neat. Yesterday I found out they have an entire online store, and it's rather reasonably priced. I don't understand it, but now I must have one.  

- Moviepass: Speaking of movies, I've felt like theaters are kind of in a lull right now. With Deadpool and Solo coming out and Black Panther and The Avengers still getting heavy showtimes, there hasn't been too many other things I've been interested in lately. I miss going to the movies every week, but hopefully, we'll have some summer hits out soon!

- Obedience classes: Rusty's obedience classes have started, and I'm so excited about it! His first class went really well, and we'll be going every Tuesday for the next 5 weeks. While I've been working with him extensively at home, getting him to listen in a distracted environment is our next goal, which I think classes will help with.