I feel like my San Francisco bucket list is a mile long and ever-growing. It's still so bizarre to me that I live in a place where there is SO much to do. I wasn't expecting to, but after a year I've found that I'm quite happy living in the East Bay — we floated the idea of moving to the city on our recent house hunt, but honestly, I like our little slice of the Bay Area right where we are. The only disadvantage is that we do tend to talk ourselves out of making the trek into the city quite a bit. There are quite a few sights in San Francisco worth seeing, but it's hard to know what's actually worth the trip.

That being said, I went to the recently remodeled SF MoMA two weeks ago, and I have to say it's absolutely worth it. I'm by no means an art expert or even enthusiast, but with 7 floors and even more styles, I'd say that there's something for everyone there.

I went in without knowing what to expect or how much time it would take, but we were basically there from open to close. They have styles ranging from sculptures to modern to product showcases, and they even have a few non-typical Warhols on display! They were featuring a "Made in California" exhibit which featured innovations of note from the state.

There are a few restaurants and cafes located throughout, so we had a lovely lunch outdoors to soak up some sunshine and revive ourselves for more art lookin'. It was definitely tiring, on my eyes more than anything else. We also walked a lot, but it was the slow art-perusing walk that wasn't exhaustive.

Overall, I left feeling more cultured than before, learned quite a bit about different art styles, and got inspired for more creative endeavors. Even without being an art expert, I highly recommend taking the trip — or at least going to one of there Thursday night adults-only events!