Let's Talk About Cleaning

Cleaning is one of those weird things that no one really talks about. Even the "realest" bloggers rarely make mention of general house chores unless they're doing a sponsored ad for Swiffer. We see all these beautiful, "candid" Instagrams of immaculate Sunday mornings, but I want to know if people actually keep their homes like this or if they just push the clutter out of the camera's view (in case you're wondering: GUILTY 😅).

I grew up in an always-clean household. It's rare for someone to visit my parents' without making a remark about how tidy the house is, and cleaning for my mom is almost like a second nature. I don't think I've ever found a spot on the floor or a speck on the counter at my parents' — even their garage is tidy! While I didn't get that gene, the older I get, the more I value a clean house and the less tolerance I have for clutter.

I know that it's not the most glamorous or exciting topic, but it's something that affects us all! Cleaning is sort of like laundry — there's always more you could do. From doing a pre-move clean out of our old place and figuring out how to keep this new one nice, it's something that's been at the forefront of my mind lately.

I'd love to be able to take a picture without moving clutter out of the way first, but that's just not always the reality. Life is a never-ending battle against pet hair and the oddly high number of crumbs that get into the stove burners and those weird spots that somehow show up on the mirror...but am I just dirtier than the average person? 

There are plenty of people with far less time than me that seem to have much cleaner homes, but I'm just so confused by how (and if) people are actually making that happen. Are people's doing the exact same thing as me every time they start an Instagram story or are there more people out there like my mom than I think? In the world of always-on social media, it's hard to know what to believe. 😅

So, how often do you clean? Do you have any tips or products you swear by to make life easier?