6 Moving Musts

Considering how many times I've moved in my life (and that I used to work at a moving company!) it's kind of ironic how much I hate it.

Having a sense of home is something that's so important to me, and every time I move, my first priority is re-establishing that. Getting my plants settled, hanging things on the walls, and getting all of Bird's things placed around make a big difference about how I feel about a place.

That being said, I do love our new rental—lots of natural light and giant windows!—but there are still empty walls and nooks that still need filling to make it look like home. While things like that will have to come in time, I did want to list out some "musts" I've come up with for the moving process. 

After a cross-country and a cross-town move in the past year, there are quite a few things I'm happy I did and several things I wish I would have done differently. I know spring/summer is the biggest time for moving, so hopefully this will help if you're coming up on a lease change!

1. Start Sourcing Supplies Early. This is such a weird thing, but I've been shocked at how difficult boxes and packing paper is to come by. I started watching Craigslist and Nextdoor 2-3 weeks before the move, and I still barely got the boxes in time. You can always buy them from Home Depot or a box truck store, but scoring them for free is SO much better. I also started saving those random junk fliers that come in the mail about a month before our move, and that plus some packing paper we got for free was more than enough for our glassware.

2. Pack Smart, But Efficiently. My packing system might not make much sense to the untrained eye, but it allows you the least amount of stuff to move so I'd consider it efficient. I always try to group things by areas of the house (i.e. kitchen, bathroom, etc.), but I also make sure no box goes unfilled! Don't get so committed to having an organized system that you're leaving lots of empty space in each box. More boxes = more trips, and I'm not on board with that.

3. Plan For Your New Place In Advance. I haven't done this the past 2 times I've moved, and I so wish I had. Now that we're in our place, it feels like there's SO much we need to buy to settle in. Random things like rugs and end tables can still add up in price, especially if you're looking for quality pieces. I wish I would have measured better and started sourcing these things beforehand, so I could get settled faster (and break it up over multiple credit card statements 😅).

4. Take Your Time. Another thing I haven't done the past 2 times we've moved. When we moved to California, I think we had 3 days between our last day of work and the day we moved—NOT enough time. Because of the nature of my job now I don't really take "time off", but I was literally sending emails as boxes were going out the door this time around. In hindsight, I would've at least thrown up an OOO message for the actual moving day instead of thinking I could do everything at once.

5. Shop Around For Trucks. Don't just assume UHAUL is the cheapest! We shopped around and found a Budget Truck coupon and bought our own tie-downs instead of renting them, meaning our entire move only cost us $50. If we hadn't done the legwork, it would have been almost twice that!

6. Keep Track of What You Need To Change. I didn't do this super well this time, and now I'm definitely playing catchup for small things like billing addresses and big things like dentists. Thankfully we're in the same county so there isn't a ton that's different, but it's still good to plan everything out. (p.s. Don't forget to update your voter registration—midterm elections are coming up! In California you do it online when you change your license, but every state is different.)

This isn't an exhaustive list, but I do think it's good to come up with the little things you might not necesarrily think of! Do you have any moving musts I left off?