Craziness & Calm


Happy Wednesday! This week has been CRAZY — I came back to Oakland on Saturday and we started moving on Monday, so I’ve barely had time to breathe. 

However, I did want to take a moment to pop in for a minute and talk about finding calm amongst the craziness. Things can get downright HECTIC at times, and I’m the worst about projecting my internal feelings...especially when I’m moving a sectional up a flight of stairs. 😅 

But, one good thing about the craziness is that is also makes you really appreciate the calm. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed washing my hair more than I did on Monday night, and I’ve definitely never appreciated my bed more than I did after moving it up TWO flights of stairs. 

Later on, I’ll share my moving organization tips and some more substantial details; for now, appreciate calm in your own craziness — I’m going to unpack all that I can and take a wonderful nap. 😂

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