What I'm Loving | 9/16/2018


PSA: Fall products are now at Trader Joe’s, and everything looks delicious. One of my favorite things about living here is being so close to a TJ’s for the first time — between that and Costco we get to try such a fun variety of foods.

Here's what I'm loving lately:

Reading :: I read The Heart’s Invisible Furies this week and was absolutely blown away. Novels that long focusing on one protagonist can often drag, but the story had such variety and depth that I found myself hungry for more. I also read The Little Book of Hygge (more on that in a minute) in about a day, and am now on The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living. I probably should have waited until further on in the winter to read this since it seems like it’s a Hallmark movie on paper, but sometimes you need comfort no matter the season.

Spare Time :: Safe to say I’m obsessed with ‘hygge’ now, and not even the lack of California seasons can bring me down. I’m wearing sweaters, I’m lighting candles, and I’m buying everything at Trader Joe’s that brings me joy. I’m also convinced I need to move to Copenhagen, but that’s slightly less attainable.

Etcetera ::  Between Costco and Imperfect Produce I’m always looking for ways to use things up before they go bad. Brussels Sprouts are in season and I love them, but I’ve never been able to roast a batch of restaurant-quality crispy Brussels…until this recipe. Something about baking in the balsamic AND doing the after-bake drizzle really sets these apart — I also add a sprinkle of parm if I’m feeling crazy. 😉