What I'm Loving | 9/9/2018


It's been a full two weeks since the last "What I'm Loving" post — sorry for being behind! Last weekend we went camping (I'll talk more about that in a future post) and I assumed people would likely be busy with their Labor Day fun anyhow.

I'm back with quite a few books to share, and SO many adorable camping pictures like the one above. ♥️

Here's what I'm loving lately:

Reading :: Dreams from My Father: check! The ending did drag on a bit which I anticipated from the Amazon reviews, but I think Obama is an extremely gifted writer and loved learning a bit more about his life. I also found it extremely inspiring that the talked openly and honestly about his high school/college experiences, and that he really didn't "get it together" until his 20's — and then went on to become president! Of course, he's brilliant and gifted, but I just love things that remind us that success doesn't always come from a clear path. Next, The Hate U Give: amazing. This is now a movie so I'm sure this book will be exploding soon, also. I know young adult books can sometimes be poorly written but this one is intelligent, real, and such a moving piece of fiction. As you experience life alongside the protagonist, you understand her struggles and ultimately her motivation in finding her voice. Last, Abandon Me: I just wrapped this up yesterday — so many feelings. You know when you're reading a sentence and you have to pause because of how eloquently it's worded? This book is full of that feeling. A memoir about someone as young as Febos could easily fall flat, but instead, it shows you the process of living — of figuring it out, interpreting your past and deciding your future.

Spare Time :: Between camping and hiking this week, I've been spending a ton of time outside and a ton of time inside editing photos! I've noticed a big uptick in my motivation, and I can only assume it's correlated — it's funny how spending more times doing things you love makes doing things you don't love not as bad.

Etcetera ::  Having a dog is such a joy. I've loved Rusty since before we brought him home, but we just passed our four-month anniversary of having him and I've been thinking a lot about how thankful I am that he's in our lives! I took him to a work photoshoot on Thursday and he did SO well — I was such a proud mom and he was clearly having the best time, too. I'm grateful that we get to show him this fun, adventure-filled life!