What I'm Loving | 8/19/2018


Yesterday was Global Climbing Day and I'm so glad my gym participated! Of course, I love The North Face's clothes, but their philanthropy resonates with me as well. I'm not progressing in climbing as quickly as I'd like to, so going to events like this is valuable as I'm surrounded with people who are much better than myself  — and I'll wear a "Walls Are Meant For Climbing" shirt any day

Here's what I'm loving lately: 

Reading :: Elanor Oliphant is Completely Fine is a thousand times better than fine. Seriously, it might be one of my favorite books of the year. Anything else I say will just turn into gushing, but trust me, it's worth the read! Now I'm on Little Fires Everywhere — it's taking some directions I did NOT see coming but it's rather interesting and I can't wait to find out where it goes.

Spare Time :: I've started a cross-training regimen in the hopes of upping my climbing grade and I am NOT thrilled. I love staying active and thankfully most of my hobbies cater to that, but doing a standard workout is not my cup of tea. I'm just trying to stay focused on my goal and power through, but I'd so much rather just climb. 😬

Etcetera ::  I found out about Matchbox Kitchen through their recent Tasty video featuring a no-waste chocolate cake. Even without practicing a zero-waste lifestyle, it certainly serves as inspiration for ways we can be more conscious about the trash we're creating in our day-to-day lives.