What I'm Loving | 8/5/2018


It's August! I know August is typically the back-to-school month, but I also feel like it's when summer musters its full strength at being a season. At least in Tennessee, June and July would be uncomfortably warm but it wasn't until August that things got HOT. Although in the Bay Area, August is referred to as "Fogust" because it's typically our foggiest month of the year. I'll just keep waiting patiently for that October summer like we had last year!

Here's what I'm loving lately: 

Reading :: I legitimately could not put The Virgin Suicides down. Just the right level of intrigue, mystery, and narrative power come together for a fascinating read. I do have to caution that the topic of suicide is discussed heavily in the book, so it's probably not the best read if that's something you'd rather avoid. The author does a good job of keeping it as light as one could, but there are still parts that are difficult to read. I then read Goodbye for Now by Laurie Frankel (author of This Is How It Always Is). It isn't the type of thing I'd typically enjoy, but I figured I might as well give it a shot. It quickly turned into another I couldn't put down, but it also didn't inspire in me the amount of passion that other books have. It was interesting, well-told, and unpredictable, but I'd consider it a light read despite the heavy subject matter within the story. Now I'm on An American Marriage; just barely into it, but if my girl Oprah recommends it, it has gotta be good.

Listening :: I have no musical talent, skill, or natural inclination, but I am intrigued by the Song Exploder Podcast. He sits down with artists and deconstructs how they assemble their songs — probably not as interesting if it's an artist you're not into, but he's happened to interview some of my all-time favorites. 

Spare Time :: I'm going to be quite frank — I've been shopping. I've bought books, clothes, shoes, and wine glasses this week and I have no idea why. I'm getting sales and it feels great to buy items I genuinely love, but I need to calm it on down. But I have gotten some REALLY cute things. 

Etcetera ::  Recently, I've been thinking a lot about Anthropologie's marketing tactics. While I've always loved Anthro and can't recall a time I left without making a purchase, I went in on Thursday and really tried to quantify why that is. I think it's because they specialize in curating their stores in a way that make you feel as though the items could make you the best version of yourself. It's a store filled with things that any chic gal would want — do I need copper-handled cooking utensils? Absolutely not, but I want to be the type of person that owns them. And the crazy thing is, it works! As I sit here sipping coffee out of my gold-handled floral-print mug, I do feel like an optimized version of myself. Everything smells wonderful and is so beautiful, it somehow makes you justify paying $14 a piece for wine glasses that are beautifully flaked with metallic gold accents. It's all about selling you who you want to be.