What I'm Loving | 7/8/2018


I'd like to start off by saying I do love California. It's beaches, public lands, and state parks are unmatched...but I never knew enjoying them would be so difficult! We've got our adventure car, we've amassed our camping gear, and then we learned that every campground within a four-hour drive was booked every weekend for the duration of the summer. It's wonderful to live somewhere with many like-minded people, but remember you'll probably all end up doing the same thing every weekend!

I'm not sure what the "Plan B" will be, because I am determined to go camping — and maybe mid-week camping is better anyway? We'll figure something out!

Here's what I'm loving lately: 

Reading :: After finishing Less, I decided to pick up Everything Happens for a Reason (And Other Lies I've Loved) from my "to read" pile. Holy cow, what a great book. It was quick, emotional, thoughtful, funny, and best of all, looks at grief from an honest place. I highly recommend it! I've moved on to Prarie Fires — a bit of a nerdy read, but as someone who's read the Little House on the Prarie series countless times over, when the New York Times included this on their Best of 2017 list I knew I'd have to give it a try!

Listening :: I'm still working on My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She's Sorry via audiobook. I haven't had a lot of audiobook time this week, but I am enjoying the story! This is also the first week I've listened to the Up First podcast every day which feels like a huge accomplishment — it's really the best way to stay informed! I don't have the auxiliary adapter for the Subaru yet so I'm stuck with the radio, but our local NPR station also has lovely programming.

Spare Time :: I've been trying to stick to an every-other-day climbing schedule, and I have been seeing such an improvement. That's been a passion of mine for awhile, but this is the first time I've been climbing regularly and it feels great!

Style :: All I've been looking at for the past 2 weeks is camping gear. Whatever you need to know about sleeping bags and camp stoves, I'm your gal. I got Rusty to pose with the REI box our tent came in, and he was so excited — but because of the unfavorable lighting, all I got was this rather stoic shot.