What I'm Loving | 6/24/2018

We bought a tent! I was so spoiled in my time at UTC because we could rent camping gear for free — which was great, but I never amassed any of my own. Now that we're finally starting to feel settled in our new life we're ready to start adventuring...we've just got to budget for all the gear first. 😅

Here's what I'm loving lately: 

Reading :: The Great Alone was so good! So thankful I stuck with it. I'm now reading Less, which I was on the fence about until I read Ann Patchett's glowing review. I'm barely into it but it's good so far — and I always love books that feature San Francisco! 

Listening :: The new CHVRCHES album. So good. Somehow summery, yet heavy. So good.

Spare Time :: Welp, we caved and got a Nintendo Switch...and we are having SO much fun. We just got Mario Kart and Zelda: Breath of the Wild as part of a sale, and they're both a blast. The only consoles I've really loved were the N64 and some games for the Wii, so the Nintendo Switch has just taken everything I've loved about those consoles and combined them. Fingers crossed they come out with Animal Crossing and then my world will be made. 

Style :: Unfortunately, Everlane was not a hit. I ordered about 6 shirts to try different sizes/styles, and ended up with 2 that were okay enough to keep for the price. I love the fabric and the style, but most of them have that "boxy" cut that I'm not quite fond of. If that's your thing, I would highly recommend them though!