What I'm Loving | 6/17/2018


I've reached that point in my life where I wake up fairly early no matter the day of the week, and I don't hate it. Things feel so interesting on weekend mornings when the world is quiet, especially during the summer. It's a feeling that's equal parts nostalgia and hope, with a bittersweet twinge that's inexplicable. It's sort of like the part in The Perks of Being a Wallflower when they're driving over the bridge at the end — it's quiet and loud and beautiful and hard all at once. Stephen Chbosky does a much better job at illustrating feelings than I do, but maybe one day when I write an incredible coming-of-age novel (lol), other people will reference it the same way we reference his. 

One thing that no one tells you about being an adult is that you have to learn to deal with having conflicting emotions about everything. Things might be enjoyable but expensive (grocery shopping), calm but boring (admittedly, some weekend mornings), or inconvenient but necessary (everything in life, basically). Life is just a continuation of Goldilocks' dilemma — we can only hope that we find ourselves in the modernized narrative instead of the original.

All of that aside, here's what I'm loving lately: 

Reading :: I'm working on The Great Alone as I mentioned in my reading tips post, and I've moved past the slow parts and into the interesting things! I still am rather unsure of where the story is going, but now I can't wait to find out.

Listening :: NPR Politics Podcast is now on Spotify! It's such a modern-era problem, but having to switch between Spotify for music and iTunes for podcasts is annoying, so I'm glad they're expanding their library.

Spare Time :: Queer Eye is back! I haven't finished the season yet, but I have watched the first few episodes. It just warms my heart every time!

Style :: I've found a new store called Everlane, which is apparently rather popular and I'm just out of touch. It fits the bill for everything I need — reasonable price point, ethical standards, and classic pieces. I got a free shipping/free returns deal so I ordered quite a variety to test out quality and fit — we'll see what happens!