What I'm Loving | 5/20/2018


Cat + dog unification is hard. Maybe I was naive, but I assumed that since Bird had previously lived with dogs that the transition would be easy-peasy. We've definitely made major progress and she's hanging out downstairs far more often, but it's hard to keep her from running away every time her brother moves.

Overall, everyone is doing quite well, though! Rusty's first vet visit went well, and the doctor estimates him to be as young as TWO. I am a bit proponent of rescuing animals vs. breeding them, but I wouldn't go into a shelter with any strong opinions on what you want. 😂

Here's what I'm loving lately:

Reading :: I finished up White Rage, and though it was hard to read, I wholeheartedly recommend it. With misinformation spreading faster than the truth, putting forth the effort to get an education — especially about racial relations — is more important now than ever. I know nonfiction isn't always the most engaging, but I feel that works like this should have a place on everyone's shelf. I try to balance it by ordering one serious book per batch of 3-4, and that system has worked well for me! I'm now working on Beartown — I wasn't super into A Man Called Ove (same author), but for whatever reason, I felt compelled to give this one a shot. The cover is SO aesthetically pleasing!

Listening :: Everyone has been talking about This is America, and for good reason. I think that artists should use their voices to amplify issues that are important to them, and Gambino (per usual) has done a perfect job. Not only are these statements important, but it's also a great song. I'll be seeing him in Oakland in September and I cannot wait!

Spare Time :: I've finally gotten started on Dear White People and I took way too long! It's a brilliant show that seamlessly bends real issues with easy watchability. The writers are fantastic. If you're not sure if nonfiction pieces about racial unease are for you but you still want to learn, this would be a good show to get your feet wet. 

Style :: I have ruined three pairs of pants this week. THREE. Rips and permanent stains almost never happen to me, but I guess they come in threes when they do. That being said, I'm looking forward to taking advantage of Madewell's denim recycling program and replace my three pairs of cheap pants with one durable pair that will last — still not looking forward to coughing up the cash, but at least my jeans will be one of the 287,000+ pairs that will help build houses!

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