What I'm Loving | 4/29/2018

Sunshine and spring and happy things! We're still experiencing some slight chilliness here, but overall it's been rather pleasant. My plants are thriving in all of the direct sunlight of our new place. After going so long with poor light, it's great to see how quickly they've been bouncing back.

I'm growing Bird some wheatgrass (pictured above) and catnip (much slower growing), in the hopes that it will keep her from digging in my other indoor plants. So far, it hasn't helped, but she does seem to like the wheatgrass quite a bit!

Here's what I'm loving lately:

Reading :: Call Me By Your Name was slightly difficult to get into at first, but once I found my groove with it I couldn't put it down! The narrator is wholly human, which was refreshing but can make internal dialogues almost grating at times. Push through the first part and it's all worth it, however! I'm now reading White Rage, but I'm literally just in the introduction so I can't say much yet! 

Listening :: I'm going through a major Jimmy Buffett phase right now. I don't understand it but I'm not fighting it. Don't be surprised if I book a spontaneous trip to Mexico.

Spare Time :: We've been biking like crazy! I've never been super into biking, but we scored a great deal on Craigslist so now I have one of the lightweight road bikes everyone raves about. Let me tell ya, it is SO worth it. We've had so much fun exploring our new neighborhood this way, and taking it into the city is nearly no hassle at all because of how little it weighs. I'll write more about this in a future post, because it has really changed my life! 😅

Style :: Searching for furniture/home goods is a pain. As part of my effort to be sustainable, instead of buying a bunch of cheaply-made pieces from discount stores, I'm trying to source everything secondhand where possible. We really don't need that much stuff, I just have a very specific style I'm going for. I'm learning a lot about design and what I do and don't like, so the headache has been worth it overall. I've found a wonderful floor lamp at a highly discounted moving sale so far, but still no luck with the nightstands or other odds and ends I'm sourcing. 😬

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