What I'm Loving | 4/08/2018


Holy heck the rain has been intense the past few days! When people said that San Francisco had a rainy season they were not kidding. It’s been nice though — as we’re preparing for our move and embracing life’s craziness, the rain is a good reminder to slow it down a bit. And with flowers like these, who can complain?

I also get to make a quick trip to see my family this week (hopefully sans-flu!). I’m so excited to see everyone since I spent my last trip in bed. It will be Harley’s first time alone with Bird for any length of time, so hopefully, she behaves for #1 cat dad. 😅

Here's what I'm loving lately:

Reading :: Alias Grace is such an interesting read! The character development is detailed and layered, with the overall story arc weaving through. So excited to continue through it!

Listening :: I feel like of all the “coming of age songs” from my generation, Electric Feel by MGMT has been one of the most popular. While I’ve grown a bit tired of the original, I recently found a cover of it by Coast Modern that I am loving. 

Spare Time :: Hunting down movie boxes (mostly kidding!). That did take up far more time than I anticipated, but mostly I’ve been prepping for my trip home this week. We’re planning on moving right after I get back, so it’s about to be a whirlwind again. Bird is thrilled at all the boxes, though!

Style :: I’ve been a fan of Backcountry for as long as I’ve been a fan of outdoor apparel (aka forever). They’ve now released their own line, and I’m so excited to try it out. I ordered this dress and they’re currently doing 20% off of a full priced item! 

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Amanda McDowell