What I'm Loving | 12/2/2018


Rusty got to meet Santa yesterday! The shelter we adopted him from does a Santa Paws event each year that’s entirely volunteer run, so all the proceeds go straight to the shelter. It was so sweet to see the volunteers that helped us adopt Rusty and he was quite the hit with Santa, too. We didn’t mention that time he snuck a loaf of bread off the counter — we figured Santa doesn’t need to know everything.

Here’s what else I’m loving lately:

Reading :: After finishing it, I have mixed feelings about the format of The Argonauts. Subject matter would get a 10/10 — there are shockingly few writers who engage with material like this and produce a book that enters the “indie mainstream,” so I think it’s wonderful that Nelson did that. However, the book is almost a stream of consciousness style that made it difficult to fully grasp what was going on. It’s a small book, so I would say if you’re interested, definitely try it! It’s just on the experimental spectrum so be aware. After, I read Something Wicked This Way Comes. We discussed Bradbury in my short story class and despite having heard his name, I had never read his work. The dialogue in this book irked me to no end — lots of staccato-paced ‘whats’ and ‘no!’s — but the book itself was lovely. I tend to not like anything that involves circus imagery, but this book did such a fantastic job of laying scenes out that I didn’t mind. I’m now reading The February House; this is a SUPER NICHE read but I am eating it up. If you enjoy learning about the lives of literary heavy-hitters (which I practically live off of because of life goals) then I would highly recommend. If not, I’d probably say pass because it could get rather dull!

Spare Time :: I’ve been writing and writing and writing. Making something creative a priority is quite difficult, I’m learning, because sometimes the brain just does not want to cooperate. But bad writing is easier to fix than no writing, as they say, so I’m piling up the short stories in the hopes that something sticks.

Etcetera :: I finally made it up to Pegasus Books! It’s the oldest independent bookstore in Berkeley and they do both new and used books of all kinds. It’s an adorable store with a great selection and I always love searching for books in person instead of on the internet. They also do a frequent reader program where if you spend $200 you get $10 off! If you’re in the area, they also have a location in Rockridge and Albany, too. Totally worth the trip!