What I'm Loving | 11/25/2018


To be honest, the thing I’ve loved the most this week is a four day weekend. We had friends over for dinner on Thursday, put up the tree and enjoyed a lazy/rainy day on Friday, ran errands on Saturday, and now we still have a whole Sunday left. That’s what I call a good weekend.

Here’s what else I’m loving lately:

Reading :: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter: layers! depth! wonder! Seriously, this was a delightful read. It was nuanced — the plot points aren’t in your face, but they’re right there if you look for them. It really came together beautifully and I highly recommend it. Next up, We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves: I bought this on a whim on our trip to Powell’s, in all honesty because I thought the author was someone else. It turned out to be quite a happy accident because I thought this was an incredible read. The staff recommendation card at Powell’s said to go into it without knowing a thing, which is what I did, and I wasn’t disappointed. That’s what I recommend you do, too, so I’m not going to say any more. Now I’m on The Argonauts, which, so far, is a quick and heavy read about gender fluidity, the oppression of heteronormativity, and love in a queer and unique relationship. It’s equal parts science, studies, and anecdotes which keeps the pace quick and the subject matter engaging.

Spare Time :: Probably the same as everyone this week. Just cooking and eating in an endless cycle, but we also got our tree put up! It’s never too early for Christmas cheer.

Etcetera :: We saw Bohemian Rhapsody over the weekend which was a delight. I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know about Queen/Freddie Mercury. Their music has been around and popular my entire life, but learning more about their journey as musicians was such a joy. I admire Freddie Mercury for taking his fashion risks and being so open about who he was — and I can imagine that many people feeling oppressed in the time period did, as well. It was a fantastic film.