What I'm Loving | 4/01/2018


It's a great weekend to not go to a single open house, because WE HAVE FOUND ONE. We had the most serendipitous experience with a town house that checks (most of) our boxes and the kindest landlord. Kitchen space and full-length windows make up for the fact that it's not the closest to the train, and it is a stone's throw away from our preferred climbing gym. That also means puppy (or adult dog!) is closer than ever, and I can barely contain my excitement.

Here's what (else) I'm loving lately:

Reading :: I'm ashamed to admit that I've given up on The Waves. I think I'll pick it back up eventually, but I just wasn't excited about it and it started to feel like a chore...can't win 'em all! I switched to Alias Grace because the reviews raved about how they couldn't put it down, and things are going much better.

Listening :: Is anyone else obsessed with the Queer Eye reboot on Netflix? I'm not a "binge watcher", but watched every episode in about two days because it's just that good. After I followed all of them on Twitter, I found out that Jonathan (grooming) has a podcast called Getting Curious. He covers everything from gun control to what it's like to be on MTV, and he always interviews an expert to get the full scoop. The episodes are a quick and informative, my two favorite things!

Spare Time :: Fun stuff! We've actually been out and about a lot this week — a friend is in town for work, we went to see A Wrinkle In Time finally, and yesterday we went bike shopping for my new bike (!!!). 

Style :: Dog stuff, dog stuff, and dog stuff. I've been trying to avoid shelter websites since it's still a little too soon, but I have been looking at everything from leashes to jackets to beds. Thankfully, I've been working on marketing for an amazing pet products company (Wildebeest) which makes quality gear right here in SF, so I have a go-to for the majority of our things.

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Amanda McDowell