What I'm Loving | 3/18/2018


House hunting and work and chores, oh my!

Really though, this has been an all work and no play kind of week. We went climbing on Wednesday, but aside from that, it's been open houses, finding houses to tour, and doing our regular life stuff. We did take to the city for St. Patrick's Day after an open house yesterday — it was nice to just have fun for a few hours!

Here’s what I’m loving lately:

Reading :: I'm glad I took the time to read This is the Story of a Happy Marriage. I haven't had as much time to devote to reading lately, so the (almost) 3 weeks I spent on it is no reflection of the quality! If you're looking for nonfiction or short stories, I'd highly recommend. I'm moving on to The Waves, which will be my first full volume by Virginia Woolf.

Listening :: I've had a hit-or-miss Discover Weekly lately (mostly misses), but this week I enjoyed what the Spotify algorithm provided for me. I also really liked last week's #tbt playlist for International Women's Day! Vintage lady jams rock.

Spare Time :: This week has been a lot of house hunting, which is not as fun as they make it look on the show. We have a Slack channel, a spreadsheet, and a GCal of tours...and it's still confusing which place is which!

Style :: My beloved off-brand climbing shoes are falling apart 😔. They're not totally dead yet, but I'm about to begin the research process so I know what to buy when they finally give out on me. I've had them for about 4 years and I bought them used, so I really can't complain — and I'm excited for a snazzy new pair soon!