Eliminating Social Media Clutter

Overall, I think social media gets a bad reputation. I do see how it can be easy to develop a negative relationship with it, but when used properly and in moderation it's an incredible tool. SocialClutter

That being said, sometimes too much information is not a good thing. Between Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, keeping up with all those timelines is time-consuming at best and exhausting at worst. Even after doing my notification cleanse, I still found myself trapped in the endless scrolling cycle and didn't give much thought to the value I was receiving from it.

I decided to start auditing my social media time, and I noticed two things: 1. paying closer attention to what I was seeing made me enjoy it less, and 2. I was spending a lot of time looking at things I didn't care about in the hopes that something interesting would be next on my screen. I quickly realized that's a really strange way to live...so I decided not to.

I'm already slim when it comes to social — I try to not follow a lot of people and don't add strangers. But when I looked through my channels, I was still surprised at how much social clutter I found. I applied the Marie Kondö method and unfollowed every random company or old giveaway site that didn't bring me joy...and then some.

I also learned you could mute words on Twitter! I hate hashtags (which is ironic, considering my profession) and there are so many words I'd rather never see again. Now I don't have to! I also deleted Snapchat and Facebook from my phone because I never use them for anything that brings me joy, and I find myself getting irritated more than anything else.

Even though I've only been doing this for about a week, I've already noticed a big difference. I don't spend a lot of time aimlessly staring at my phone because I don't have a lot to look at — meaning I'm spending a lot more time looking at the world around me, and I think that's a cool thing.