What I'm Loving | 01/28/2017

Despite our lease not being up until May we're already starting our house hunt, and boy is it stressful! WhatI'mLoving-01.28.18

Since Harley still commutes into the city, we've been scoping out different neighborhoods along train lines throughout the East Bay area. We love living in Oakland, but we're both over the apartment complex life and there aren't many rental homes near the train stations. Though my heart would love the city, the type of apartment we'd want in San Francisco is so far out of our tax bracket that it's not even in range.

Our hope is to find something in Berkeley, but even outside of San Francisco proper, finding a rental property is a vicious process. I'm trying to stay hopeful and not get discouraged before our process even starts!

I said all of that to say: we've been exploring the surrounding areas a lot more, which is so enjoyable! There are many smaller towns around here that have their own sense of character and personality, which is something you'd never know if you stayed isolated in the city. It's neat to see the individual quirkiness of the different towns and it's fun to imagine ourselves living in each setting!

Aside from that, here's what else I'm loving lately:

Books :: Disclaimer: do not read Lily and the Octopus if you don't want to relive the feelings of loving and subsequently losing a dog. That said, if you're looking for a book that perfectly encapsulates the feelings that come along with loving and subsequently losing a dog, I cannot recommend it enough. The emotions were raw and real and true to the experience, and the author did a fantastic job. Now I'm on to Beloved which is intriguing. Even more so due to the fact that I bought a used copy that was clearly read for a literature class, so the margin notes are extremely insightful!

Listening :: The Tender playlist has been great for work, and I'm loving the new Borns album, too!

Spare Time :: I've had the hardest time unwinding in the evenings this week and I'm not sure why. Again lots of cooking and reading, but I've also been challenging Harley to Scrabble because I don't want to sit still. I get frustrated with that too — I clearly play the better words, but he knows how to game the system. Regardless, it's a fun way to engage your brain!

Style :: I've been looking at how to make my own bubble bath, and while it's simpler than you'd think, I've still been dreaming about the bright and fizzy bath bombs on the market. The pretty gift boxes and colorful displays get me every time!

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