What I'm Loving | 1/21/2018

Short weeks are the best weeks! Even though I didn't totally take Monday off, I took it easy on myself...kind of like the work-from-home equivalent of a half day! WhatImLoving-1.21.18

I'm still figuring out the work from home part of my life, and I still don't have a consistent routine — but I'm happy, and I think that's all that really matters. I have found that I'm generally the most productive from 9 - 11 and again from 2 - 6, so I'm been trying to orient my days around that. Everything else, such as my workout/getting ready/around the house schedule has still been varying quite a bit, but that's okay.

It's extremely unlike me to be so nonplussed by a lack of schedule. I'm not sure where this is coming from, but I like it, so I'm just letting things run their course! Here's what I'm loving lately:

Books :: I wrapped up Atonement this past week. While it did get more interesting towards the end, it was still a bit laborious. Since I've been in a bit of a book rut, I decided to reward myself by going to my favorite used bookstore in Berekely and buying whatever caught my eye. I ended up with Lily and the Octopus because I'm an absolute sucker for the dog/human bond. It's a bit whimsical with elements of surrealism, but it's fun and entertaining which is exactly what I needed. I'm (tentatively) ready to declare my rut over...I think I just didn't choose a good first book of 2018.

Listening :: I've been feeling folky, so I've been loving this Houndmouth album. They've been on my radar for a long time but I don't think I've ever actually sat and listened to anything other than their hit, Sedona. I'm also loving the Spotify Productive Morning playlist for when I'm writing!

Spare Time :: Lots of cooking this week! My parents got us the gift of meat (in the form of an Omaha Steaks package), so it's been really fun to experiment with new things. We never buy steak, so learning to cook tasty beef dishes has been so fun. Everything has been absolutely delicious (which is probably a testament to the meat quality as opposed to my skill) and we're enjoying it quite a bit. I'm also trying to get over my fear of making bread, and have even flirted with the idea of making homemade crackers because Budget Bytes convinces me anything is possible...but no promises.

Style :: It's no secret that when we moved here, we got a lot of Ikea's cheapest products to furnish our home. While I'm definitely putting the cart before the horse, I'm already thinking about what I want to replace when we move. I have no idea why our $25 coffee table irks me so bad, but I've been daydreaming about the day when we can upgrade to a gorgeous one made of actual wood. With the expense of moving, I'm sure that day is further than I think...but a gal can dream!

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