“To Do” in 2018

Turns out, having the flu over New Year's does a lot to derail the beginning of your year. I'm so thankful for the blog because even though I'm still playing catch up from being sick and traveling, it forced me to sit down and think of my resolutions. ToDo2018

I shared my goals for 2018 a few weeks back, but I also wanted to make some granular resolutions for the year. Big goals happen in little steps, so I'm hoping to set myself up for success both in the day-to-day and the overarching passage of time.

Below are my 2018 resolutions — I would love to hear yours!

  • Drink (Even More) Water. I must admit that drinking water is something I've been historically consistent about; when I worked in an office I had so much downtime that I'd sip water from boredom. However, now that I work from home, it's so easy for me to get focused on work and forget to refill! I found a nice log for the Apple Watch, so with that nudging me in the right direction hopefully I can get my consumption back on track.
  • Purchase with Intention. My parents always taught me that quality things are worth paying for...but sometimes, the budget literally doesn't allow it. Now that I'm getting older and (hopefully) won't have to rid myself of everything I own to move across the country again, I want to be sure my purchases lean towards the best long-term value as opposed to the lowest price. That's not to say I won't still be hunting for bargains — I just want to find actual bargains instead of things I'll replace every 6 months.
  • Write More (For Fun). I struggled with defining this goal because I already write a ton for my job. Between client blogs and social media posts, every day involves some piece of content creation. However, pouring all of my resources into that means I don't always make myself write for the love of it...meaning my blog and freelance portfolio tend to suffer. In the coming year, I want to write things that inspire me to keep writing, instead of checking off my to-do list and calling it a day.
  • Be More Active. As with most people, my activity levels have been on a steady decline since college. Now that I have my Apple Watch tracking my every move, I'm determined to not ignore my activity rings. I'm still getting my bearings in our area, but it's my new mission to find more hiking spots and parks near us so we can get moving more often.
  • Advance my Career. Building up my career in content marketing has required a lot of work and sacrifice, but I finally feel that I'm on the right track. Writing all the time is my dream, and between the blog and doing freelance pieces, I'm excited to see how I can grow it in 2018.
  • Read Every Day. Even if it's just a few pages, I want to make a point to read every day of the year. I read 32 books in 2017, but I didn't get really into reading until the latter half. In 2018, I think I can do even better — making myself read a few pages every day should put me on track.
  • More Veggies. I used to have an entirely plant-based diet which made this so easy, but our super strict grocery budget means more meals like tacos and pasta. Even if execution of this just means more side salads, I want to ensure I keep getting those nutrients in my diet even though our shopping list has changed.
  • Calligraphy. I've always loved calligraphy and lettering, but I assumed that, like most artsy things, it required a lot of time/money to get involved with. I finally did some research and discovered that's not the case AT ALL! Most articles recommend practicing with a regular ol' pen until you get the hang of it, and apparently, it's great for anxiety too! Photography and cooking will always remain my first loves, but it's nice to have an “at-home” hobby that doesn't involve flooding our kitchen with baked goods!