What I'm Loving | 01/07/18

I just got back from spending the week with my family, and it was so good to be home. I came down with the flu pretty early in the trip so it wasn't the visit I was envisioning, but what's better than having your mom take care of you when you're sick? WhatImLoving-1.7.18

I was highly contagious so I didn't get to see everyone, and mainly just watched a lot of cable TV. I'm still under the weather, but I don't feel nearly as terrible as I did a few days ago so I'm going to consider it an improvement!

Books :: I finished Rules of Civility on New Year's Day, and the ending was as wonderful as the rest of it — I'd highly recommend! I'm a few chapters into Atonement now. With being sick and traveling I haven't gotten very far, but it's an interesting premise thus far.

Listening :: We rented a car from the airport to drive to our parents', and we got one with satellite radio! With all of the on-demand services, it's easy to forget the fun of flipping through radio channels on a road trip. There are hundreds of satellite radio channels so I don't even think we hit them all, but it was a lot of fun hearing songs we had forgotten about.

Spare Time :: Mainly just sick stuff (sleeping, lying down, etc.). I spent as much time as I had the energy for visiting with my parents, but I'm going to plan a little bonus trip soon to get back and see everyone again!

Style :: My Christmas wish was fulfilled — I got an Apple Watch! I'm still learning about the functionalities of it, but it is so sleek looking. It was a dream at the airport when my hands were full and I was able to access information from my wrist, and I'm looking forward to learning about the activity capabilities as well.