A Few of my Favorite Things (I've Done)

I always try to take time to reflect at the end of each year; I find that it's a great way to stay grounded while giving me some ideas for what I want to work on in the year to come. AFewofmyFavoriteThings

This was a year marked by a lot of exciting changes, hard decisions, and new experiences for me, and these are some of my favorite things about it. I think the things that define your year — whether big or small — are a great checkmark for where you're at and where you'd like to be going.

As I was compiling this list, I realized that my most impactful things weren't moments, but changes I've made to my life or habits. I still have so many things I'd like to accomplish, but I'm thrilled about where 2017 has taken me. I hope my favorite things can inspire you too!

  1. Moving. Of course, this tops my list of biggest changes, hardest decisions, and new experiences all in one. Six months into this adventure and I'm still figuring it out, but it's been a great experience overall. I've never been so far out of my comfort zone, and I think it's those kinds of experiences that really push us to grow. A cross-country move certainly isn't best for everyone, but I will say that if you get a chance to do something you'd never dreamed of — take it.
  2. Writing. I've mentioned it before, but I still cannot believe where writing has taken me. I've always been a reader and I enjoyed college writing courses but doing it as a hobby has been a new endeavor. Through the blog, I've made connections with people, given myself a creative outlet, and crafted the writing samples that allow me to do freelance work — a dream of mine since childhood. For 2018 I hope that it will take me more places, both personally and professionally.
  3. Automatic cat feeder. This might seem a little trivial to be a highlight of my entire year, but this is one of my best purchases ever. If you've met Bird, you know that she's obsessed with eating — we joke that she's part raccoon because of her insistence on digging through the trash. The time change was especially hard on her (read: 3 AM howling for breakfast) so we got this automatic pet feeder. She's still a vocal kitty, but she never pesters us for food anymore which has improved our relationship exponentially.
  4. Expanding my bookshelf. I didn't set out with any reading goals this year, but I have read so. many. books. I've read at least a few pages every day, and if you've been following my "What I'm Loving" posts you know that I've sampled from quite the variety. From non-fiction to self-help to fantasy, I've broadened my horizons just by hanging out on my couch. Currently, I'm waiting for the best books of the year to drop in price while I make my way through (some of) the Rory Gilmore book list.
  5. Surfing. This was such a big first for me! Surfing has been on my to-do list since I was a young, dolphin-obsessed fifth grader, and I finally got the chance to take a lesson in Santa Cruz. I was terrified (and terrible) but the feeling of doing something I wanted to for so long is the greatest feeling — and it really wasn't as scary as I expected it to be. Harley & I got matching wetsuits for Christmas, so I suspect there will be more of this in our future.
  6. Managing my anxiety. I know I've alluded to my anxiety on the blog before, and it's something I've struggled with for as long as I can remember. Each day fluctuates, but this year I've put some major effort into getting it under control. I've been finding healthy management methods that work for me, and while it's something I'll always have to live with, I feel much more control of my emotions than I've been before. I still don't have all the answers, but I've made major strides and that's something to be proud of!

I would love to hear some of the favorite things you've done — or favorite books you've read — in 2017!

The link for the pet feeder is an affiliate link, meaning that if you buy it I'll receive a small commission. However, my love of the pet feeder is 100% my own.