What I'm Loving | 11/12/2017

Another week has come and gone, and aside from the excitement surrounding Taylor Swift's album release, it's been a fairly calm one. We have a Friendsgiving next week so I've been deciding on recipes, and I'm excited to try some out in my spare time. There are few things I love more than the holidays and the food that surrounds them! Here’s what I’m loving lately:

Books :: We Are Called to Rise ended up being just as heart-warming and uplifting as the Amazon reviews lead me to believe. If you want a feel-good book that doesn't sacrifice literary integrity, this one is where I would point you. I'm now working on State of Wonder. I've read Commonwealth by the same author, and I'm a fan of her style. I'm barely into State of Wonder so I'm not totally engrossed yet, but I'm excited to see where it goes.

Listening :: Reputation. I've grown up with Taylor Swift, and I am obsessed with this new phase of her life. I cannot stop listening to this album.

Spare Time :: Planning vacation! We went to a festival last weekend and got three free lift passes to various ski resorts near Tahoe. They're all spread out throughout the mountains of Northern California, so I'm having to plan three smaller trips (which is actually way harder!). I'm still so excited though and hoping that I don't hurt myself this time.

Style :: I'm building my Christmas list, so my shopping habits have been all over the place. I think I've finally caved into wanting an Apple Watch...with the cellular connectivity I could leave my phone behind and that's extremely appealing to me. Also, living in the Bay Area without an Apple Watch makes you a social pariah (kidding! sort of). The hands-free convenience does sound exciting though, so it's looking like my list will be that and a lot of makeup.

I'm looking forward to taking it easy today. The only things on the to-do list are going to the store and cleaning up the house, and aside from that, we're just going to chill. My favorite kind of Sunday!