What I'm Loving | 10/5/2017

Life has felt both extra-hectic and extra-normal this week. That might not make much sense, but I've been alternating between feelings of maximum stress and maximum calm. Autumn is such a transitional season, so every year I alternate between introspection and the stress of getting prepared for the holidays and a new year. As referenced in my last post, I'm already thinking ahead for things I want to get done in 2018. I've bought my planner for the coming year, and I'm antsy to start filling it up come January. I'm trying to not get too caught up in what's to come and appreciate the present, but it's engrained in my nature to think ahead.

Here's what I'm loving lately:

Books :: I haven't had a ton of time to read, so I'm still working on We Are Called to Rise. Each chapter is written from a different perspective, and I'm enjoying seeing how each characters' story overlaps with the others. Hopefully, I'll have time this afternoon to finish it, because I'm dying to know what happens.

Listening :: The Stranger Things playlist on Spotify is so good. It's a mix of songs from the show and songs from the similar era, so it's one of those things I can put on shuffle and just listen through. Great for the commute or getting work done!

Spare Time :: Stranger Things, again. We finished Season 2 this week and it was great. My only complaint was that it left me wanting more! I haven't heard any confirmation if there will be a third season, so I suppose time will tell. On the evening of Halloween, we just stayed in and watched Halloweentown and The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown which was fantastic.

Style :: More along the lines of home style, but I'm already starting to scout out Christmas decorations! Harley says we can't put up a tree until after Thanksgiving, but I want to get decorations so we're ready as soon as the time comes. I'm also debating getting the family (aka us + Bird) santa hats and doing a holiday card, but that's TBD.

I'm planning on spending the day mapping out our holiday gift budget, so let me know if you catch wind of any great sales. I know Amazon is doing a full month of Black Friday deals, so hopefully I can knock most of the shopping out early.