(Very Early) Goals for 2018

I’ve never been enthusiastic about New Years’ Resolutions, but the older I get, the more I begin to see the appeal. I know there are typical goals (work out, eat healthily, drink more water, etc.), but this year I want to put serious thought into what I want to drive my decisions as we move into 2018. I’m still figuring out how to transfer my "wants" into "SMART" goals (flashback to Business 1010, anyone?!), but I’m putting forth the effort to turn ideas about what I’d like to accomplish into measurable objectives. While I'm still very early in the process (obviously, since I'm 2 months early to the party), here are some things I want to prioritize in the new year:

    1. Travel. Traveling has always been a big priority of mine, and I’m finally getting to a point in my career where I’ll be able to do so more often. Considering we took on this (gigantic, life-altering) move, we’ve only been on 2 small leisure trips this year. While we live on the west coast, I want to make a point to take advantage of all the things on this side of the country. I have quite a few Google Flight alerts set up, and there are SO many places I want to visit it’s almost overwhelming. The only way to see the world is one trip at a time!
    2. Puppo. BIG news: I’ve finally convinced Harley to add on to our (animal) family. If you know me, you know that animals are one of the few things I get excited about – and I mean excited...sometimes I cry looking at pictures of Bird. After much begging and hundreds of dog pictures, Harley is finally on board with adopting a new furry friend! Because of going home for Christmas and general life changes right now, our timeline will likely be early 2018 for this, but the minute we get home from Christmas we’ll be making some shelter visits.
    3. Meaningful Friendships. Making friends in a new place is hard. I knew that it would be, but I didn't appreciate to what extent. I’ve made a few great friends and a handful of good acquaintances in my time here but I still miss having my go-to group. I’ve not done the best job of "putting myself out there" as they say, so I want a big percentage of my focus to be on making legitimate, genuine connections with people in the area.
    4. Using Time Wisely. As you might have guessed from my "well-intentioned life series", this is something my world has been revolving around as of late. I’m not sure what has triggered this, but I’ve been overbearingly obsessed with keeping myself happy. For 2018, I want to ensure I’m spending time on things I’m passionate about and focusing my energy on things that bring me joy, both personally and professionally.

While these points of focus are far too vague to measure, I intend for this to be my jumping off point for making tangible goals for the upcoming year. Getting an early jump on it may seem hyper-proactive, but if I’m going to do my first big New Years’ resolutions I want to do them right! I'll probably add drinking more water as well...everyone could stand to do that.