What I'm Loving | 10/29/2017

It's the week of Halloween! I've never seen a child in our apartment complex, but I'm still holding out hope that we'll get some trick or treaters this year. As Halloween is on a Tuesday, I think we'll just stay in and finish up Stranger Things' season 2. This week was very draining, and I wanted nothing more than to come home and be a loaf each evening. Unfortunately, I had a lot to get done, but we got our Halloween costumes settled and I got to see my marketing friends from San Jose, so there were a few bright spots! Then on Friday night we stayed in and caught up on American Horror Story, which was a much-needed breather.

Here's what I've been loving lately (besides Halloween!):

Books :: Leave Your Mark was an extremely well-written book packed full of good advice. I think I liked this one so much because it wasn't too "niche"; the advice was mainly professionally-oriented, but many things were applicable to all aspects of adulthood. If you're a fan of inspirational reads (which you know I am!) I would certainly add this to the top of your queue. I'm now starting We Are Called to Rise due to its glowing reviews - excited to give feedback on it!

Listening :: I took the enjoyment from my Arcade Fire listening project and transferred it to The Killers' discography. Another one of those back-of-the-shelf bands for me, I've always liked them in the vaguest sense. They'll be playing a festival in December I'm attending, and I'm starting my homework early because nothing is worse than seeing a band live and not knowing their songs.

Spare Time :: Halloween costumes, working out, and meeting up with friends have taken up most of my time! I've had lunch plans almost every day with people in my office, and my evenings have also been fairly busy preparing for Halloween and catching up on things around the house. I haven't gotten a lot of reading done this week, unfortunately, so I plan to make that more of a priority in the days ahead.

Style :: Magenta from Rocky Horror! Last night we attended a live version of Rocky Horror Picture Show, where dressing up is necessary. We did this at a Chattanooga bar last year and it was one of the most fun events I've ever attended, so I definitely missed having our friends around for this time. I couldn't convince Harley to go as Rocky this year (who doesn't want an excuse to wear gold shorts?!), so I was Magenta and he was Riff Raff. Thankfully the costumes were fairly easy to assemble from our closets, which is my favorite kind!

I'm making Bird do a fall photo shoot today with her pumpkin ruff, so if I'm mauled with scratches the next time you see me don't be alarmed.