A Well Intentioned Life | Part Two

This is Part 2 of my Well Intentioned Life series! If you're not caught up, you can find the first part here. I know the phrase "life is too short to be unhappy" is often used, but it's the mantra I've been trying to live by lately. In a world of opportunity, it's impossible to justify being unhappy about things you have the power change.

Instead of blindly fluctuating between happy and sad, I am doing my best to live a well-intentioned life and chase my passions all of the time. In the first part of this series, I examined some tricks for proactively identifying your problems. Now I'd like to talk about strategies for working intelligently towards your goals so that foundation work doesn't go to waste!

  1. Do your research. // Once you discover a concrete problem, it's time to discover a concrete solution. Do research on your topic to make an educated move on what your next step should be. Want to be happier? Find some self-help books. Want to expand your network? Everyone has that one friend with a plethora of connections, so ask how they got to where they are! This is a great start to getting some inspiration and building up that momentum to carry you through the process.
  2. Don't be afraid. // One of my favorite quotes is by George Addair - "Everything you've wanted is on the other side of fear". How many times have you been excited to make a change, but have talked yourself down when the time comes to take action? Find ways to keep that energy alive and never let fear get in the way of things you know will be good for you.
  3. Stick to your guns. // This is difficult because it involves being very in touch with yourself. It's great to consult your camp for counsel when making a big change - in fact, I'd recommend it. It's also equally important to remember your camp won't support everything that you think is right. Ultimately, only you can know what's best for you, and as my mom used to say "your real friends will support you either way"! If you know something is your ideal course of action, always stick to your guns!
  4. Work your tail off. // I'm not a fan of the word "hustle" but the same sentiment applies. Once you've done your research, determined to not let fear hold you back, and decided to trust yourself, you'll have to work your tail off to see some results. Unless you're able to replace another responsibility this can seem overwhelming, but when following your passion the time investment is well worth it in the end. Manage your priorities efficiently and make sure you make the most of the time you've set aside for this to keep yourself sane.
  5. Track your progress. // Working towards a hard to reach goal can feel hopeless, which is both frustrating and demoralizing. You can only impact so much of a process, so keeping a record of the ways you're being proactive is an easy way to keep your spirits up. This will look different depending on your end goal, but utilizing a notes app, Google Docs, or even just a draft email to yourself is a great way to record what you've done each day towards a project's progress!

If you've been looking for the push to make a big change, I hope this has been helpful during your journey! Don't be afraid of doing what's in your best interest - every day provides an opportunity to be closer to who you want to be.