A Well Intentioned Life | Part One

Sometimes it can be easy to start feeling out of sorts. I've always been sensitive to feeling 'off', and once I get stuck in a rut it's equally easy to stay there. I’m quick to make excuses for not being introspective and figuring out where issues are stemming from, but this is a terrible habit I am trying to break. In the spirit of that, I’ve made it my mission to live a well-intentioned life and to address problems as they arise. The best way I’ve found to start this process is by getting back to center, figuring out what the problem is, and using this to determine the next course of action. For part one of this series, I’d like to discuss my tips to getting grounded and identifying pain points when circumstances put you in a funk:

  1. Return to what drives you // Of course, this is going to vary person by person, but for me, I find getting back to reading, my plants, and taking pictures are a great way for me to center myself. Reminding yourself what makes you happy is a great way to isolate the things that don’t so you can eliminate them.
  2. Do something out of the norm // Switching things up is a great way to clear your head and give yourself some much-needed insight. It’s all too simple to get stuck in the same routines, so do something different and see what helps! Take a walk around the block, go to a different Starbucks, or treat yourself to a dessert. This can get your mind thinking about other topics than the day-to-day drudgery, which is often out of the norm enough to spark productive thoughts.
  3. Make a list (or 5) // This might not be a help to everyone, but I’m very adamant about listing things out. I like to start by writing out what my goal is and what I need to do to get there. From that, it turns into a quick process of elimination of deciding on what isn’t helping achieve that goal. Even if you never reference it again, it gets you to sit and focus on your thoughts instead of letting them float aimlessly through your head!
  4. Talk to someone // I’ve mentioned before that talking about problems isn’t my strongest suit, and though it’s gotten better that’s still the case. However, I’ve found that just spending time with people who I admire can be a big help in piecing together how to bring out those traits in yourself. Ask someone for coffee or lunch and learn what’s been going on with them! Maybe something they say will resonate with your own issue, or it will just provide a nice distraction. Either way, it’s another great way to do something out of the norm that might have even larger implications for your life.

I’m no expert, but these are some tried and true methods for being stuck in a rut. Identifying the problem and taking proactive steps to alter your mindset is the first step to changing. While it can be uncomfortable to face problems head on, it’s more uncomfortable in the long run to continue allowing yourself to be miserable. For the next week, I encourage everyone to find their center and focus on what brings joy, and start isolating the things that don’t. Leading a well-intentioned life doesn't have to be as scary as it seems!

Stay tuned for part two next week, where I’ll share some tips for taking action once you identify the root of the problem.