What I'm Loving | 10/8/2017

I've been having a difficult time this weekend. I somehow messed my back up, so the majority of plans I had to be productive have been thwarted. Not that I'm the type to complain about being forced to sit and read, but considering my laundry day is vastly overdue it has been frustrating. Hopefully with some r&r I'll be back to 100% in no time! Here's what I'm loving:

Books :: I read The Art of Racing in the Rain in record time, and only cried a little bit. I'm now on Leaving Time, which has been great so far. I read Small Great Things by the same author and liked it a lot. She switches between various characters' perspectives, which is a fun way to get all angles of the story!

Listening :: Honestly, I'm not going to try to make something up. I have hardly been listening to music, and when I have been it's just more of the same. I'm sorry, everyone. Next week I promise to have something for you.

Spare Time ::  I've had something going on every night after work this week, so I've not had any spare time to speak of. I went to a friend's wedding on Friday night, and spent all of yesterday just lounging and playing catch up around the house.

Style :: Combat boots. Now that it's fall I'm able to break mine out again and it is delightful! Comfortable and stylish, what more could you really need?

I found a Monday deal for half-priced sushi, so I'll certainly be hitting that up tomorrow! The half priced sushi place in Chattanooga was my favorite, so hopefully this place will measure up.