"Needed to Hear That"

I'm a fan of compliments. I'm not sure how to take them, but I try to make a point to give them often. So many people have great style or insightful input and that should be celebrated. More importantly, you never know when a quick compliment you give someone will actually be a "needed to hear that" moment for the receiver. You know when you feel self-conscious about your hair, and someone on the elevator tells you it looks great? Or when you feel like you're really struggling with a project and a coworker tells you how effortless you're making it seem? "Needed to hear that" compliments have a way of turning the entire day around.

At the heart of it, there's no way to know a lot of what people struggle with. While some people are comfortable being open, most can be quite closed off to their peers. I'm notorious for not talking about things on my plate, so there's no way I could expect someone to know what they can say to help. In a way though, that makes it even sweeter when it does happen.

Because of this, I think it's so important to communicate when someone does something you admire. Whether it's a new makeup look or insightful feedback, there's a good chance they had some reservations about it - and your "needed to hear that" compliment could put all the tension at ease. I cannot tell you how many times someone's kind words have dethroned my anxiety!

I'm trying my best to pay it forward. Starting conversation is difficult for me whether giving a compliment or not, but if I push past that it helps my mood and the mood of the person I'm chatting with. I implore you to tell someone something nice today (even if it makes you nervous) - you never know what they need to hear!