Staying Entertained

Typically "entertaining" is saved for babysitting or the people on House Hunters that need a 20-person dining room, but sometimes staying entertained as an adult can be difficult. My idea of entertainment is checking out a new bar or restaurant, going to see a concert, or exploring a new part of town. Unfortunately, no matter how cheaply you do these things, unless it's absolutely free it still costs money. Due to some unforeseen expenses we've entered in extreme budgeting mode and it's not fun. When all of your hobbies involve spending money, it can be hard to cut back and stay disciplined. Thankfully, I've come up with at least a few things to keep me from getting cabin fever:

  • Space out errands // This is a really simple trick I devised when I was in college and didn't have many things to do on the weekends. Typically I like to be as efficient as possible when I have a to do list, but when your errands are the only thing you have to do it makes so much more sense to space them out! For example, if you have to go to Trader Joe's and Target, space then out to give yourself more exposure in the outside world. 
  • Reading // While I know not everyone is interested in reading, it's the best thing I've found to help me pass the time. I can sit under a blanket with a good book for hours if I'm in the right mood. 
  • Cooking // A great double whammy - not only do you save money by not eating out but you also keep yourself busy so you don't feel the need to leave as much. On Saturday and Sunday, I meal prep breakfast and lunch for the workweek and cook a crock pot meal or do other prep that will allow us to have leftovers. This means I don't have to cook as many weeknights and can just be a loaf with Bird.
  • Gardening // As I'm sure anyone who has read my blog name knows, I'm a big fan of my succulents! Unfortunately, our patio doesn't get the best direct sunlight so I'm not able to propagate as much as I used to. I still really enjoy moving seedlings around and re-homing plants that have outgrown their pots, and it's a great way to keep your hands busy. 
  • Puzzles // I haven't been able to do a puzzle lately because I don't have any cardboard to use as a surface, but I'm a huge fan. Puzzles were the only thing my brother and I could do together without fighting when we were kids, and now my grandmother always keeps one out in her living room. I want to get a puzzle board and  get back in the habit of working them. 

Hopefully, these tricks will bring some variety to sitting in front of the television and keep money in your wallet where it belongs!