What I'm Loving | 9/10/2017

Short weeks are the best weeks, and I'd like to petition to make every Monday a holiday. During the work week it feels like there's never enough time, so it's great to have some time to read and cook and not feel rushed.  It's also starting to feel (ever so slightly) like fall, and I am ready. I made some delightful pumpkin bread, and I'm going to have to treat myself to a pumpkin spice latte soon. I know it's only September but it's such a small part of the year, so I see nothing wrong with extending the celebration!

Here's what I'm loving lately:

Books :: I finished The Nightingale - maybe in record time. I could not put it down. The irritation with the main characters I mentioned certainly subsided - once more was revealed about them their motives became more clear. I love anything set in WWII era Europe, and I found out this was based on a true story as well! I highly recommend it. Commonwealth is my next adventure - I've been putting it off forever but I finally ordered it!

Listening :: I've been into Cage the Elephant and OK GO this week. Alt rock but still upbeat enough for my commute! I know it's probably lame but I love the Spotify "This is..." playlists that come up when you search a band, and the ones for these bands are on point!

Spare Time :: Working out...yuck. Anyone who knows me or has been following the blog for a bit knows that I have the hardest time getting into working out. Harley has been helping me a ton with the 5k training, and has helped me do some weight exercises as well. I've been feeling off my fitness game lately, but I'm working on it!

Style :: Old Navy Pixee Pant. Obviously, I hate slacks. I hate that they're a part of my life and that I have to wear them and the word "slacks" in general. However, the Old Navy Pixee Ankle Pant is a lifesaver! They're comfortable yet structured, and hold their shape a hundred times better than some cheaper slacks I've tried. If you're in search of a good pair of slacks I'd point you in this direction.

 I'm going to go eat some more pumpkin bread now. This stuff is delish.