Little Interruptions

"Life is full of little interruptions" so says the message hidden in the Speak Now booklet amongst the lyrics of Innocent. While my world has basically been dominated by the release of Taylor Swift's new song / video, this isn't a tangent about any of that. ICYMI, this quote refers to the moment where Kanye interrupted Taylor at the VMA's what feels like many years ago. While that single moment had pop culture ramifications that I don't think any of us could have predicted, I'm trying to tease away the bigger message here.

There is a distinct and powerful instinct to feel inconvenienced - slighted, even - and it's human nature. Though someone cutting in front of you on the sidewalk is certainly not a slight, there are days where that feels very personal. Some people (aka me) are worse about this than others, but it everyone sometimes take things personally when they aren't intended that way.

The root behind this perplexes me, but that's not really what I'm trying to get at either. What I'm poking at here is the importance of life's little interruptions being just that: little. I am certainly overly sensitive to things not going as planned, but what if, instead, I paid homage to interruptions that can be magical? Being adaptable is a wonderful skill and one I'd like to hone within myself.

Seeing things as an inconvenience isn't fun, but it is easy. Instead of doing the easy thing, I would really like to do the thing that promotes positive thinking - the thing that will stop me from being so self-absorbed that my first reaction is to assume something pertains to me. This is not the easier way to be, but perhaps a healthier one. Life is full of little interruptions, and that is a good thing.