Notification Cleanse

Does anyone else get overwhelmed by notifications, or is that just me? If I'm super busy at work, need to pull my phone out, and see a ton of things on my screen it just causes my anxiety to mount higher and higher. "Back in the day" of regular, non-intelligent phones, I used to always keep my phone on silent. The only time I noticed a new notification on my LGVX9800 was if it was face up and in my field of vision. I've kept in that habit, and my iPhone is almost always on silent even still, but now that there's more than just SMS messages and phone calls coming through it still feels overwhelming at times.

Inspired by one of those clickbait articles, I decided to do my own notification cleanse. The author of this particular one turned of every form of every notification, but I did mine a little differently. Because I'm so far from my family I elected to keep my messaging notifications on, in addition to my phone call notifications. I kept the logo notifications on for Snapchat and Twitter, and banner notifications for important things such as my credit card, but I've disabled all other push notifications.

It's been great. My phone only lights up when it's something I want to see, as opposed to getting random reminders from every app on my phone. In general, I check my phone a lot less (which I'm trying to make an effort to do regardless), and when I do it's far less stress inducing. I don't have to constantly clear my notification center or swipe to erase notifications I wouldn't have read anyway. Instead of checking my phone because an irrelevant notification popped up and then losing minutes to scrolling through Twitter, I now only check my phone when I have a text or other actual purpose to use it.

It might seem trivial, but this is one clear and simple step I'm able to take in order to reduce my anxiety and improve my overall quality of life. If you find yourself getting stressed out by notifications like I did, I would highly recommend giving this a try.