Outside Lands 2017

By the strangest and most random turn of events, Harley and I got tickets to the sold out Outside Lands festival. We wanted to go when we first moved here but decided it was too expensive to justify and forgot about it. When a wristband literally showed up at our doorstep and we couldn't find the owner, we decided it was clearly meant to be and got another ticket from Craiglist. Festivals in the city are complicated. We're already condensed into a 7x7 radius, but add in a music festival on top of that and everything turns into a nightmare. Traffic was atrocious, the crowds were huge, and the logistics of doing anything in and around the festival became super complicated. Thankfully, we've found this super fun service called Scoot which made all of that a thousand times easier. Still complicated, but much easier.

In spite of the hassle of getting to and from the park, the festival was so much fun! There were several bands I was excited to see (mainly Alt-J and Lorde), and they had quite a bit of supplementary "festival things" to keep the time between sets entertaining (read: an entire section devoted to chocolate). There was also quite the local food truck selection, and places that gave out free snacks and drinks at special times.

I've been to quite a few festivals and concerts and it's always such a fun experience. I totally would not have paid $800+ to attend this one, but to be able to go on the cheap it was a great experience. The difficult logistics and constant traffic are worth it when you consider how much we're able to experience in our little 7x7 radius.