Surfing in Santa Cruz

I was fully expecting to hate surfing (or get gravely injured) but it was actually so fun! Santa Cruz was chilly and overcast on the morning of our lessons, so I just knew I would be cold and miserable the entire time. It was cold, but whoever came up with wetsuits is my new hero. My feet stayed chilly the entire time but for a 56 degree day I was surprisingly comfortable. As our instructor was going over the safety procedures I started to get so anxious, and was absolutely certain I would never be able to get the hang of it. We learned how to sit on your board, how to avoid waves we didn't want to ride, and how to get set up when you were ready to try one. All of that sounded great in theory, but I was definitely hesitant to put it into practice at first. The instructors at the surf school were unbelievably helpful in getting me prepared and encouraging me to give it a try, and once I finally did it was a blast!

I only managed to stand up a few times, but even still it was so much fun. I was inexplicably terrified of falling off my board, but once I got over that I was able to push myself a lot more. It's definitely not easy to pick up, but it was a lot simpler to get the hang of than I expected. I'm not athletic at all, so if I can do it I think anyone can.

I want to give it another try in some less-crowded (but still forgiving!) water, and get to the point where I can control the board instead of just going where it takes me. I think it would be such a fun hobby to get in to, and it makes me feel so accomplished!