What I'm Loving | 8/5/2017

It's my birthday month! Traditionally I wasn't a fan of August overall, because the Tennessee heat was too sweltering to enjoy doing anything that didn't involve air conditioning. It's actually been a chilly start to August here in SF so I'm learning to love it again! There's so many outdoor activities to enjoy and the weather has been near-perfect every day. Here's what I'm loving lately:


Books :: I SWEAR I'll finish it soon, ok? I've just been back into podcasts again and haven't made time :(

Listening :: Lany by Lany is extremely catchy and lighthearted, so perfect for some every day listening.

Spare Time :: Playing with my camera! I finally found a D3400 on a great deal, so I've been learning the ropes of that every chance I've gotten. It's so fun to experiment with, and way better than taking pictures on my iPhone.

Style :: Faux leather jackets. I had a one from Express ages ago (like, high school) that ended up getting too tight in the shoulders. We didn't have a lot of "in between" weather days in TN, but here light jackets like this are exactly what you need basically every day. Nordstrom has a few on their anniversary sale I have my eye on!

---------- So thankful it's the weekend!